Dimensional Weapon

The Dimensional Weapon is a Diamondae artifact capable of massive destruction. It is responsible for the end of Flana and is the subject of the Dimensional Weapon Incident.

The Dimensional Weapon is not seen as a very practical weapon or highly sought-after artifact. Most of the functions are seen as theoretical or 'experimental' functions to prove ideas and concepts. However, the weapon is dangerous in the possession of those with ill-intent and is vaguely 'sentient' in nature.

It has multiple modes that are set into effect by different nodes. The weapon modes/nodes are:

  • Fire, set by the red node.
  • Water, set by the blue node.
  • Two nodes to alter planetary rotations or spatial perception to have it be 'day' or 'night.' The yellow one is for day, the gray one for night. It is not known what it effect it has on planets where this concept does not apply. Its effect is dependent on the strength and care of the user. A stronger user will actually force the planet to rotate, a weaker one will only give the appearance of a shift.
  • Two nodes for forced shapeshifting. These nodes take in a sample of physical material and apply the idea of that form onto the target. The extent and power of these nodes are unknown; it has been theorized that they are resistible.
  • The infamous black node, responsible for the Cataclysm of Flana. It causes temporary warping, rapidly aging and deteriorating physical objects. People and living beings are reduced to stone.
Dimensional Weapon