Alexai was the leader of the old Trinity. He was a Jalon who wore blue armor and wielded a large sword. He and Qua'wva were mates.


Alexia is one of the three great Fallen Angels. She is a vicious mage that went partially mad. Imprisoned and disgraced by those of Tyra Kolaq'blegae after s...


Anubis is the God of Burials and Ruins. His Scions protect some special ruins and burial sites.Prayed to by Dracite to prevent being turned into a Drake.


Ara'quera is the Champion of the Yiusha-Waalar and mother to Hequera.


Arktaren was a legendary Aeriatros who battled the Mad Tree and helped forge an order of Aeriatros warriors known as the Valkyries.


Arocha is a Sacon who mentored Qua'vev, championed 11th dimensionality, and trolled science forums. A minor crackpot Celebrity among intellectuals.

Balon Zfnoctewoohi

Balon Zfnoctewoohi is daughter of Lana Zfhi. Twilight runs through her blood.

Baloragon Wolfeni

Baloragon is the current King of Wolfen. His mate is Qua'ra'la Vuwai and his son is Katar. He is a strong military leader and concerns himself with a strong ...

Capraeaura Falalia

Capraeaura is one of the three great Fallen Angels and the self-proclaimed Archangel of the Fallen. She is a well regarded Aura User.Capraeaura is something ...


Three headed dog of Hades.


Chag was one of Hequera's CLAW allies. He was the older brother of Xesh. He has brown hair and is greatly interested in mechanics.


Charon is the ferryman of Tartarus.


Chatzu'kuan is an Enoot scientist focused on containment.


Cyclone is the leader of the Trinity and the One. Formerly the Apprentice of the Grim Reaper, he killed Caraseis.


Darafen is Xenpar's mate. She has a vengeful streak.


Transportation helper. Friend of Farrco. Masku's mate.


Erikael is the brother of Nefertari. He is the uncle of Nefertiti.He also holds the position of 'Royal Scribe' of Magaya or the guy who does whatever Haeihls...


Eyierak was the mage of the original Trinity. He wore a robe of yellow and had a staff.


Fa'quiehja is the servant of Malcolm Zfnoc. Scarred by Hayelon.


Farrco is a robot who was left on Earth for unknown reasons. He awoke with no memory of what his purpose was. His twin of parts is Wildfire, a robot that he ...


God of Obstacles and 'fate' in a minor sense. Can alter luck and give easier passage.


Gawapa is the enchanter of Fa'quiehja/Malcom's cloak. He is a simple mage with some ability.


Hades is the God of the Underworld. His powers are...vague.

Haeihlseth Magayak

Haeihlseth Magayak is the God-King of Magic and Magaya and the father of Nefertiti and the mate of Nefartari.

Hayelon the Guardian

Hayelon the Guardian was a legendary hero who wielded the Amulet of Ra.


Vapaezyre shop keeper Farrco meets. Gives him a necklace.


Hequera is the daughter of Ara'quera. Formerly of the Yiusha-Waalar.


Final leader of the Humans at the end of the second generation. High Priestess of Eisatanlon spoke with him prior to the end.


Jessica is a Human. Disciple of Hades.

Jihst Caseius

Jihst Casieus with the help of the Lady of Shadows usurped the Archangel of the Halo Angels, Orweihl.


Jiuwquai is the Zfnoc president. A bit neurotic. Worried about the face of the Zfnoc.

Katar Wolfeni

Katar Wolfeni is the son of Baloragon and Qua'ra'la Vuwai. He is the cousin of Riag'wug and has a crush on Nefertiti Magayak.


Kenquaxe is one of the Champions of the Yiusha-Waalar.Kenquaxe has white facial tattoos and wears armor or loose tunics.His shadow jumping abilities are well...

Khapiela Quahwu

Khapiela Quahwu is an Ihkbaeloo thief/aristocrat. She is formerly of the Yiusha-Waalar. She left it to pursue acrobatics and more dignified activities.

Kharenela Zfhi

Father of Lana and Nielkov Zfhi. Grandfather of Balon Zfnoctewoohi.


King Fla'neiel is one of the principle and core members of the Trinity and the One. He is the Last Flana.


Kulaszar is a Shafien and the best friend of Balon Zfnoctewoohi.

Lana Zfhi

Lana Zfhi is the twin of Nielkov Zfhi. Mother to Balon Zfnoctewoohi.

Magniya King

Magniya King is the last surviving Magvierak. He is also a Diamondae hold-out. Basically an enigma. Basically the same age as The Ascended.

Malcolm Zfnoc

Malcolm Zfnoc was the most infamous Avatar Zfnoc. He battled Hayelon and the Trinity and the One.


Eyexierkhar Bio-weapon specialist. Works with Baune.


The Fallen Angel Malnoren. Scourge of Evalon.


Marcus is a Human who was part of the Dimensional Weapon Incident. Now a disciple of Hades.


High Priestess of Eisatanlon—the one who told Jar'jul that they worshipped too much.


Djohja's Sawapash mate. Transportation helper. Magical front.

Mason Zfnoc

Mason Zfnoc was one of the first Avatars.


Spellbinder's teacher. Trinity groupie.


The original Mechanicha. Based off of Reno'ala'net's deceased lover.

Miscarca Hialia

Miscarca Hialia is the archangel of the light angels. Sort of friends with Jihst.

Nefertari Magayak

Nefertari is the mother of Nefertiti Magayak, brother of Erikael, and the mate of Haeihlseth Magayak. She disappeared from reality. Haeihlseth has searched e...

Nefertiti Magayak

Nefertiti Magayak is the princess of Magaya and councilor for Magaya.

Nethaer Recordana

Nethaer Recordana is the Recorder of everything in Buhukiea.

Nielkov Zfhi

Nielkov Zfhi is a descendant of the line of Zfhi. He is twins with his sister, Lana Zfhi.

Orweihl Zualia

Archangel that Lady of Shadows and Jihst killed.

Paewar Zfnoc

Paewar Zfnoc is the Avatar of Dark.

Qua'ra'la Vuwai

Qua'ra'la Vuwai is the Queen of Wolfen. She is also a high ranking member of the CLAW, along with her brother Ra'uw'la Vuwai. It is well-known that the union...


Qua'wva was a member of the original Trinity. She was an Eisatanlon who wielded a short sword and was draped in clothes of red. Alexai and her were mates.


Mechanicha who gave Farrco access to the Spine. Spider-like.

Ra'uw'la Vuwai

Ra'uw'la is the twin brother of Queen Qua'ra'la. He is the father of Riag'wug. White furred. Blue-orange eyes. Works with the trio of Wolfen – Tosh, Xesh, an...

Ra - God

God of the Sun.Sometimes referred to as the God of Fire in reference.Can deem certain stars to be 'suns' thereby blessing it with Ramuchian crystals.Figure h...


Ramulein is the High Chancellor of the Empire. He is a great Sacon/partial clone of the Ascended.

Rayacha Chajaran

Rayacha Chajaran is a religious leader of the Zfhi who harbors ideals of change. She portrays herself as a traditionalist.

Reno'ala'net Hallihanet

Former Queen of Hallihanet....ushered in the being of the Mechanicha.

Renoan Hallihanet

Renoan Hallihanet was the King of Hallihanet. He is known for being an early-sider for Caraseis in the Caraseis War.

Riag'wug Vuwai

Riag'wug Vuwai was the daughter of Ra'uw'la Vuwai.


Robo-Knight is a Mechanicha that lived on Harahban and became an ally of the Trinity and the One.

Santora Nocalia

Santora Nocalia is the Archangel of the Dark Angels. Aura wielder. Wielder of the sentient pair of swords Nieye’pelm.


Sargon is the Chief of the Demons. He is over a trillion years old and one of the oldest beings in existence.

Sheia Tzen Duaqua

Contested the throne and won, stood for stability and prevention of all out war, demilitarized Jalon.

Sheziera Tzen Ayk

Councilor Sheziera Tzen Ayk. Strong arm of Jalon.


Spellbinder is the only robot mage in existence. She is a founding member of the Trinity and the One and a friend to Nefertiti Magayak.


Eisatanlon Councilor.

The Ascended

The Ascended is a former Diamondae-slave, the oldest surviving of Tyra Kolaq'blegae. Through an undisclosed way, he gained great understanding an knowledge t...


Tosh was one of Hequera's CLAW unit. She was a long-time friend of Xesh and Chag as well. Mostly friends with Xesh.


Goddess of Dimensions. Currently missing.Typically personified by a slender being wielding a bow and arrow that can slice through the fabric of reality.Domai...

Varyal Hallihanet

Varyal Hallihanet is the daughter of Renoan Hallihanet, King of Hallihanet. She is a proud mechanic, following the trade of her people.


Wildfire is the twin of parts to Farrco.


Xeltzora is considered the 'Ultimate Warrior.' He was the first generation Human that led a large rebellion/conquest against the fledgling federation/proto-E...


Xenpar is the president of the Zfhi. He plays himself as a modernist but is secretly a believer in the dogma of the Zfhi line. His mate is an Ihkbaeloo named...


Xesh was one of Hequera's Wolfen allies. He was the younger brother of Chag. He has brown hair. A proficient mage and healer, he is more old fashioned.


Zeus is the God of Bureaucracy. He has power over the other Gods and their afterlives.