Amulet of Ra

The Amulet of Ra granted Hayelon the Guardian her superb powers. The Amulet is a large chunk of Ramuchian crystal that was imbued with a wide spectrum of pow...

Clam of Containment

The Primordial Essence of Containment/Contraction.

Dimensional Weapon

The Dimensional Weapon is a Diamondae artifact capable of massive destruction. It is responsible for the end of Flana and is the subject of the Dimensional W...

Flame Ring

Ceremonial Spikarian artifact guarded by the Yiusha-Waalar. Not tangible all the time.

Flana Royal Bracelet

Worn by King/Queens to be of Flana. Once seized by Cyclone.

Horn of King Flurat Fla'neiel

The Malih'mael'sakier of King Flurat Fla'neiel.


Khara'kor is a sentient weapon.


The term for the item made during the Flana ritual of Mael’na’missina.A specialized artifact. Can be anything. Attunes itself to the maker.

Prism of Ulefar

The Prism of Ulefar is an Aryuihl artifact well known for its ability to alter perception. It was seized by the Yiusha-Waalar, specifically by the Ihkbaeloo ...

Scorpion of Expansion

Primordial Essence of Expansion.

Stave of Dark

The incarnation of the God of Dark. Used by the Avatars of Dark.

Stave of Light

Incarnation of the God of Light. Used by eldest Zfhi heir.

The Spider of Dark

The Spider of Dark is the Primordial Essence of 'Chaos'.

The Spider of Light

The Spider of Light is the Primordial Essence of 'Order'.