Bar of Despair

The Bar of Despair is a fabled place where the inverses of every individual, the ‘flips,’ lie in dormancy. It supposedly has drinks of every emotion, as flip...


Buhukiea is the realm of Catasore. It is broken up into many dimensions and universes, governed by 'the universe' and general chaos. Contained within are the...


All the realms of creation.


Dialona is the solar system that contains Earth, Gorok, and Aryuihl. It was the last to be made and thus is named Dialona.


Eden is the realm of the Angels. It is divided into four quadrants, one for each sect of Angel.

Estate of the Zfhi/Palace

Zfhi palace/estate.

Estate of the Zfnoc

The Zfnoc palace. Paewar's seat.


Planet that Malnoren the Fallen Angel scourged.

Hallihanet Palace

The Palace of the Royalty of Hallihanet

Kolaq'blegae zf Ruksh

Dimension of the Lost - Usana's Domain

Magaya Royal Palace

Royal Palace of Magaya.


Capital-dimension of Buhukiea. It was once a stronghold of the Diamondae.


Capital of Gorok. Built on Rakarn's corpse.

Sangrae La

Sangrae La is the capital city that covers nearly all of Baune. It means 'paradise is.' It is a city of immense note and power. Some consider it to be capita...


Domain of Hades.

The Cathedral of Light

The Cathedral of Light is the ceremonial heart of the Zfhi. It shimmers as rainbows to those of the true Zfhi blood line.

Tyra Kolaq'blegae

Tyra Kolaq'blegae means ‘the first universe/dimension’ in Tyra Tarkush. It is the dimension that the Empire resides in.


Valor is an artificially constructed planet used for holding game for hunting. The Empire has destroyed it many times, but it has always been rebuilt.Sponsor...


The Xel'tzarian mines are located in a different dimension that supplies the Empire’s Xerjaon. It is the only place that has a replenishing supply of Xerjaon.