Zfnoctewoohi means ‘of dark and light’ in Tyra Tarkush. These people are of either darkness or light in the sense that they have an affinity with one of these forces. Zfnoctewoohi is the generic name for the race. The members of the race typically identify with their specific sub-race, either Zfnoc or Zfhi. These sub-races do not usually mingle or interbreed as there is a strong tradition in keeping the lines of the dark and light forces pure.

Regardless of sub-race, Zfnoctewoohi are visually the same when not channeling their respective powers. Their skin is translucent; their organs and veins clearly visible. When they are using dark, light, or a mixture of these forces, they will become flushed with black, white, or gray. How flush they become is dependent on the magnitude of the power they are using.

Zfnoctewoohi are the most proficient and skilled in the art of manipulating dark and light forces, but, like magic, it is not a racial skill. Distinct from magic is that this art requires an aptitude that is not found in almost all non-Zfnoctewoohi Empirians.