Titans were the predecessors to the Gods. They had control over the primal forces of the universe. They perished due to an internal war prior the creation of the Diamondae.

The Titans were:

  • Rakarn, Titan of Fire
    • Body has been transformed into¬†the carapace for the capital of Gorok.
  • Ashoosh, Titan of Water
    • Form spilled¬†into Sawapash and has become part of the global ocean.
  • Eyelaktreahtz, Titan of Energy and Electricity
    • Corpse is used as the Empire's communication network, hence 'The Spine.'
  • Tertagak, Titan of Earth
    • Carcass is a popular attraction on a planet of no other note.
  • Aier, Titan of Air
    • Physical form has been transformed into an ever flowing Dimensional current of Tyra Kolaq'blegae.