The Empire

The Empire is the sole governing body of all Tyra Kolaq'blegae. The Empire has no 'emperor:' it is run by the Empirian Council, which has councilors from each planet. The Empire has existed for a trillion years, and its creation heralded in the current Age.

Citizens of the Empire are called Empirians, and all citizens are essentially part of the government itself and act as an Empirian force. The Empire is not just a governmental entity; it is a culture and quasi-religion. It has sometimes been called a theocracy for its dogmatic principles. Most of the laws of the Empire are more concerned with social purification rather than maintaining mundane order. Actions such as theft and murder are of no consequence in the Empire; Empirians are expected to be autonomous individuals capable of defending their own determination. However, something like cross-breeding is strictly taboo, as such an action taints the racial purity Catasore established. Many have been slaughter in enforcement of such laws or 'taboos.'

There are two official languages of the Empire: common and Tyra Tarkush. Common is used for most spoken dialogue while Tyra Tarkush is the dominant written text. Tyra Tarkush words and phrases are typically integrated into common speech.

A colloquial expression is to ask someone who the Emperor is, and the response was a concept or thing that person believed it to be. An example response would be 'greed,' or 'power.' It is a test to see how the person perceives the entire organism that is the Empire at the moment.