Xerjaon is the currency of the Empire. It is a unique substance that can easily transmute into other substances. It is highly sought after for creation and building. The Empire has perfected a technique to ‘seal’ its state, preventing duplication and making it not deteriorate over time. Unsealed Xerjaon is illegal as it is a […]


A satellite is a secondary home-planet for that race. When one refers to Jalon, or any race, as an entire unit, satellites are rolled into that amount. Thus Jalon can refer to either the original planet, the original planet and all satellites, or the race itself.

Diamondae Ex-Slaves

The Ascended, and a few other Empirians, are some of the remaining original slaves of Tyra Kolaq’blegae of the Diamondae. It has not been confirmed whether Magniya King was a slave or not, although he did live partially through the Diamondae Empire. The Ascended is the oldest of the former slaves, excluding Sargon of the […]