Xeltzora is considered the ‘Ultimate Warrior.’ He was the first generation Human that led a large rebellion/conquest against the fledgling federation/proto-Empire. He was obliterated along with the rest of the first generation of Humans.

The Ascended

The Ascended is a former Diamondae-slave, the oldest surviving of Tyra Kolaq’blegae. Through an undisclosed way, he gained great understanding an knowledge that propelled him to become the God of Knowledge and Thought. He is the ceremonial leader of Sacon. Cold and ruthless. Ramulein is his failed clone.

Qua’ra’la Vuwai

Qua’ra’la Vuwai is the Queen of Wolfen. She is also a high ranking member of the CLAW, along with her brother Ra’uw’la Vuwai. It is well-known that the union of Baloragon and the older Qua’ra’la Vuwai was done out of political reasons. Baloragon sought an individual with strong traditional ties to be his partner, as […]