Spellbinder is the only robot known in the universe to be able to perform magic. She is a friend to the Magayak family. Devout to the ideals of magic and divine order, she is a well-versed on the adventures of the old Trinity and prides herself in being a member of the Trinity and the One.


Race: Robot
Age: 8,714


Magical Robot

Member of the Trinity and the One

Eyierak Incarnate


Spellbinder has a light metal frame. For hands she has two pincers that have limited flexibility and utility. Her torso is a jagged circle, with a design inlaid it. A long piece of metal, her neck, stretches from the top of her torso and bends down to support Spellbinder's head. Two visual sensors are embedded into this thin strip

Abilities and Skills

Spellbinder is naturally a gifted mage. She has been trained by the Magayaks, including Haeihlseth the God of Magic and Nefertiti. The only thing limited her magical ability is her own confidence and willpower.


For the most part Spellbinder has lived a monk-like existence and has little in the way of possessions. Her hut on Paeyk contains magical devices and minor trinkets.

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