Sacon are a race that centers itself on reason and logic. Sacon are known for their devotion to collecting information and organization. They are by far the most natively intelligent race of the Empire. Their core abilities are telepathy, telekinesis, and intellect. Sacon are unable to use magic.

Physically, Sacon are long and lithe in their proportions. Their fingers have four joints, their shoulder blades are able to bend backwards, and their circular-flat feet are quite flexible. These physical traits allow Sacon to perform a large range of movement to better use their telekinesis. An arch of nerves that connects the base of the back of their head to the top of their backs is the most important part of a Sacon’s body. If this arch of nerves, called the neran, is severed, the Sacon will lose their ability to perform telekinesis and their telepathic capabilities will be significantly reduced.