Parts of Being

There are five parts of being:

Anore (existence)
Kharat (soul)
Neraq (mind)
Am (heart or love)
Vacore (body).

All beings have these parts. They are ordered in ranking of greater importance to lesser importance. The Anore is the greatest as it is the essence of an individual. The Kharat is the first shell of the Anore, what gives it protection and great coherency. The Neraq is what allows it to have consciousness and coherency as a Kharat. The Am is its emotional connection, borne out of the ideas of the Neraq and the world it exists in. The Vacore is the least important because it is the most easily shed-able, as it can die and fall away. It is more transient. The other parts of being rely on the Vacore for a part, but they persist after its death and can change shape.


In the Empire, a person has a name for each of their parts of being above, ordered the same.

The Vacore name signifies the person’s physical origins and is sometimes passed down through families. It is simply a name for being's physical form.

The Am name is the name or names of individuals the person loved to a transcendent degree. It can also be of ideas or concepts the person has fallen in love with.

The Neraq name is the name of an intellectual the person admired or agreed with, or with an ideal the person identified with. It may be unique to the person if they are of great intellectual will.

The Kharat name is the unique name of the soul. Most times the individuals define the Kharat name themselves or discover it. Reincarnated individuals share their soul names with their previous incarnation.

The Anore name of an individual is typically unknown to them until they reached some turning point in their life or reached balance with the parts of their being. It is their highest name.