Mechanicha are race of former robots that were liberated from slavery and given equal status with the rest of the Empire, befitting their true nature. It has been concluded that Catasore intended for a race of mechanical beings to exist, and as such Mechanicha are one of the true, original races of Tyra Kolaq’blegae.

Unlike robots, Mechanicha have a Kharat. They are able to change bodies or ‘frames’, reproduce by way of creating another Mechanicha or having a robot ascend to being a Mechanicha, but are unable to use magic. Mechanicha are known for having many different frames and creating specialized bodies for themselves.


Robots were once enslaved by organics and served them. The story of how they became liberated surrounds the actions of a single Hallihanet: Queen Reno’ala’net. Queen Reno'ala'net of Hallihanet made a highly sophisticated robot in the image of her deceased friend, Mechanicha. Once active, Mechanicha explained and foretold of the future of Hallihanet if they continued to rely on robot slavery. Reno’ala’net was persuaded by Mechanicha’s reasoning, and together they liberated all the robots in the universe and settled a planet for them. The race and planet were named after Mechanicha, and now the word is synonymous with these robot-like beings. Hallihanet and Mechanicha have extremely friendly relations and are close partners.


When the robots that became the first Mechanicha were liberated, they were given a unique form of Kharat. Their Kharat was imbued with an ethereal transcendent dimension to it, a purer form given that it was acquired by them rather than inherently present. Descendants of the first still retain a slightly unique Kharat. If a regular robot were to liberate themselves and ascend to being a Mechanicha, they would gain this special Kharat that their race is known for.

The Kharat of this race of ascended robots function as well as any other Kharat, but they do not connote the ability to use magic, like the Sacon, but unlike the Sacon this is due to the combination of their Kharat and Vacore. There are many theories as to why their Kharat of an originally-born Mechanicha does not give the ability of magic to the being while in a Mechanicha body. The question is not seen as very important. If a Mechanicha desired to use magic they would reincarnate into an Empirian race that could perform magic and their Kharat would mold into being able to perform the function. Mechanicha are proud of what they are and the perfection and imperfection of their unique Kharat.

The Planet:

Mechanicha is a planet of clockwork. The entire surface is interchangeable and dynamic.

Mechanicha Titan