King Fla’neiel

King 'King' Fla'neiel is the last surviving member of the Flana. He is now a member of the Trinity and the One.


Race: Flana
Age: 53,219

King of Flana

Last of Flana

Member of the Trinity and the One


Early Life

Fla'neiel was born prince of Flana and was raised to take the position of monarch. He had an early run in with Cyclone, where the Evil King and Apprentice of the Grim Reaper defeated him and stole his royal bracelet.

After the Fall of Flana

Since the cataclysm of Flana he had been searching for the Dimensional Weapon, which was the cause of the cataclysm. He scoured the universe for it.

Dimensional Weapon Incident

For a more complete over-view of his experiences during this incident, please go here.

After finding the weapon, concluding the incident, it was revealed that King Fla'neiel was a member of the Trinity incarnate, a group of divinely appointed heroes. He was shocked, among the rest of the universe.


King Fla'neiel is a tenacious Empirian. He had spent tens of thousands of years searching for the Dimensional Weapon, awaiting the slim chance for a lead. It finally paid off and he attained some closure.

He has a dry sense of humor and is very formal with his speech. He is religious only in the sense that he desires the aid of the Gods. He prays and curses to the Gods, but King Fla'neiel is not truly pious. He does not know Tyra Tarkush, as the Flana believed it to be something not to be known. He still refuses to learn it.


The majority of his body is black. On his chest are plates swatches of gray metal that are the result of passive cybernetic enhancements that are traditional for the Flana. The only color that graces his form is from the green helmet that he wears nearly all the time.

As a Flana, his legs are bent around the midpoint. The flats of his feet, or hooves, are modified with the same metal that is chest is except that the color is blended with the rest of his flesh.


Abilities and Skills

Fla'neiel is able to manipulate electrical currents as Flana are able to. His skills with this ability are of a intermediate level; with them he can shoot bolts of lighting and create small shockwaves.

Having been raised and trained to be a King of the Empire, Fla'neiel is a well-versed in political scheming and diplomacy.


FlaneielsShipHis most notable possession is his helmet. The helmet is connected to the Empire's Spine and can analyze complex scenarios and draw conclusions. It is controlled via mental gestures.

His ship is also a significant possession. It is a royal class Flana ship that is currently missing its hyperdrive.


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