Jalon are known for their strength, speed, and duty driven nature. Male Jalon have a slight edge in speed, while female Jalon are typically stronger.

Jalon have distinct legs that aid them in running at extremely high speeds. Their knees are a ball that has a perfect range of motion. Below that are two main prongs: a large foot with two toes, and a smaller version of that foot jutting out to the backside of the Jalon. From that smaller prong another prong comes from it, and this pattern repeats for many iterations. Along with their legs, the Jalon have specialized earflaps that can be used to dampen their hearing. When running at extreme speeds, Jalon close their flaps to focus on running.


The planet Jalon has large spires erupting from the surface. These spires expand well into space and are critical for gravitational balance. There is great cultural significance attributed to them.