The Human race is the last race to be directly created by Catasore. Humans are classified into three ‘generations.’

The first generation was the original Human race. They were created after the fall of the Diamondae. Catasore obliterated this generation after Xeltzora lead the Human race to almost conquer Tyra Kolaq’blegae. They were more powerful than all the other races of Tyra Kolaq’blegae and inspired terror in the universe.

The second generation was created long after the fall of the first generation. This generation was weaker but not substantially so and fit well into the Empire. After the destruction caused by the Caraseis War, Catasore again saw fit to redesign the Human race.

The current third generation of the Human race has significantly reduced lifespans and are easily outmatched in power by Empirians. It is unknown if they will ever grow out of the weakness Catasore has placed them in; they are still young in their development.