The main specialties of the Hallihanet are engineering and robotics. The Hallihanet created and liberated the robotic race of Mechanicha. Closely allied with Sacon, the Hallihanet are one of the major technological powers in the Empire.

In appearance, Hallihanet are curvaceous. Their fingertips are almost able to touch the ground. Their heads are their most distinctive physical characteristic; their heads appear as a cylinder, with a ring of glowing flesh topping it. Extending out from the middle of their face is a stick-like part that is their reproductive apparatus.

Hallihanet have no set gender. A Hallihanet could mate with any other Hallihanet. The use of female or male pronouns depends on whether that Hallihanet considers themselves to be the one who would carry the progeny or not and on their personal philosophy of gender designations.