Gorok consider themselves to be the children of Rakarn, the Titan of Fire. This is only a metaphorical belief; the races of the Empire predate that of the Titans. Not metaphorically is Rakarn’s presence on the planet. His corpse is the carapace that contains the capital city of Gorok.

The Gorok have control over fire and can withstand extremely high temperatures. They are stocky, pale beings. Horns that function as ears sit on top of their head. The pink tendrils that flow from the top and back of their heads are their reproductive organs. They have a thin tail. It is rumored that when Rakarn was alive all Gorok were colored red.

The planet Gorok is surrounded with shields to conserve and regulate temperature while also being able to shroud them from the eyes of the Humans, another member of the solar system Dialona. With Sacon’s newly created Distortion Field around Earth, the cloaking function of the shields is no longer required, but it is still sometimes active.