One of the two dead races of the Empire, Flana has been reduced to only one member: King Fla’neiel.

Flana is the one of the few planets in Tyra Kolaq’blegae where the living metal Malihflacite grows, and Flana are the only race that has the native ability to mold and wield it. This is due to having Malihflacite in their bodily composition and thus being able to harmonize with it. Along with their ability to control Malihflacite, the Flana can also conduct electricity and control lightning.

Flana are almost entirely black. There are no joints in their legs; they have only a slight bend at the midpoint of the leg that juts backwards. Their feet are hoof-like. Due to their tough skin, Flana do not wear clothing. Most Flana opt to have cybernetic enhancements to enhance their durability and electrical abilities.