Farrco is a robot who was left on Earth for unknown reasons. He awoke with no memory of what his purpose was. His twin of parts is Wildfire, a robot that he destroyed out of necessity. He found his way to joining the Trinity and the One. Farrco is a proud member of the Trinity and the One..


Race: Robot (Diamondae parts)
Age: Conscious for only a few weeks. Parts are most definitely over a trillion years old. Build date is unknown.
 Title(s): Member of the Trinity and the One 


He is very introspective and sage like. He always considers the reasoning behind things.


He is a robot made of Diamondae parts but engineered by a Sacon. The main color of which is green. There are red highlights in his frame, most notably on his wings. He is designed rigidly. There are few flexible points in his body. Wheels are underneath his four feet.

Abilities and Skills

Farrco is equipped with a laser shooter that has a independent camera to target enemy weaknesses and a regular bolt-firer. Rockets can be shot out from his knee-area. They are automatically replenished. He can also rocket boost into the air and fly when needed.



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