The Dracite consider themselves as the elements given form: A natural force of the universe. There are four sub-races corresponding with the natural forces of water, fire, earth, and air. Dracite can control that their element, exhibiting command over it by exerting their will, typically through their voice. Interbreeding between the sub-races of the Dracite is possible; the progeny would have control over both elements, but to a lesser degree than a purebred Dracite.

Depending on genetics, Dracite can either have four or two legs. Four-legged Dracite are much more common than two-legged Dracite. Two wings sprout from backs of the Dracite, giving them the ability of flight. Dracite have horns on their head and spikes across their back. The frequency and shape of the horns and spikes are also dependent on genetics.