Dimensional Weapon Incident

This article contains the basic plot of How to Stop Wildfire! In other words, massive spoilers! Beware!

The Dimensional Weapon Incident refers to the events surrounding the acquisition of the Dimensional Weapon involving Earth.

In the Dimensional Weapon Incident, King Fla'neiel of Flana tracks the Dimensional Weapon to Earth. There he is confronted by a CLAW member, Riag'wug, and a Yiusha-Waalar Spike, Hequera, for it. He defeats both members and then was attacked by the robot later deemed as 'Wildfire,' who was wielding the Dimensional Weapon and causing minor damage to the surrounding areas with it.

The fate of the two guild members is currently unknown to the Empire.

Fleeing Earth, King Fla'neiel goes to the Ascended for advice. The meeting is illuminating. On the way back to Earth with the information on how to reverse and tame the weapon, the Last Flana is ambushed by the Evil King Cyclone. The two chase back to Earth. Through the might of the Empirian Patrol guarding the space around Earth, Cyclone is defeated and his ship the Paquav is destroyed. The Distortion Field prevents the Human race from knowing any of this.

King Fla'neiel is given a chance to return to Earth due to the benevolence and cunning of the Empire and Distortion Field, and he seizes the opportunity presented. Cyclone falls to Earth with him. On the surface, the pair of Empirians work together and stave off Wildfire. Wildfire is destroyed by the actions of his twin of parts, Farrco. With the battle over, King lays claim to the Dimensional Weapon.

This ends the Dimensional Weapon Incident.