Hailing from a collection of loosely connected netherworld and hells, Demons are a diverse race. The varying types of Demons are grouped into ‘clans’ that each originates from a specific netherworld. These netherworlds are similar to planets in that they are separate entities, but, unlike planets, they are not separated by distance. The entirety of the hells is grouped into a tiered structured with each netherworld as a level. Passageways exist to travel between them.

The Demon Sargon united the clans together over one and a half trillion years ago, ushering strict order and bureaucracy to Demon-kind. As of approximately four hundred billion years ago, Sargon and the Demons have taken over the job of soul distribution, creating entire tiers dedicated to accepting newly deceased Demons and other beings, and sending them off to the appropriate afterlife. This job has traditionally been the Grim Reaper’s, but the Demons have saw fit to expand their own practices onto those of Tyra Kolaq’blegae due to the rapid population increase that seem to make the old methods of soul distribution obsolete. The Empire has disputed Sargon and the Demons authority over soul distribution. There has been constant friction over this issue between the two factions, recently resulting in attempted invasion by Sargon. The fate of soul distribution and Sargon's seizure of the Grim Reaper's traditional role is currently undecided.

The Vacore of a Demon is unable to remain stable in Tyra Kolaq’blegae due to differing frequencies. However, their Kharat is the same as any other Kharat and can freely reincarnate into Tyra Kolaq’blegae or be summoned.