Cyclone, the self proclaimed Evil King, is an intergalactic criminal and hero. He is the leader of the Trinity and the One. He is a dead Jalon who has powers over darkness.


Race: Jalon
Age: 45,161,842 (technically deceased)


Evil King

Apprentice of the Grim Reaper

So-called 'Leader' of the Trinity and the One


Cyclone wears a suit of shimmering grey-silver armor and a tattered charcoal cape with the picture of Demon-wings. Underneath his armor he is a rotting skeleton. His eyes have been reduced to red orbs.

Cyclone with his Demon Wings out.


Pre-Dimensional Weapon Incident

For a long while, Cyclone, with his army of robots that he built, traveled across Tyra Kolaq'blegae causing chaos for the Grim Reaper.

Post-Dimensional Weapon Incident

Following the revelation that he is a one of the Trinity incarnate, Cyclone is leading the Trinity and the One to glory and victory in their endeavors.


Cyclone is quirky and very pious. He has strong faith in the Empire and the universe. Due to this quirky personality and paradoxically pious actions, he is extremely famous in the Empire for irritating the Empire.

He is extremely intelligent and fluent in a variety of different specialties.

Abilities and Skills

Unusual for non-Zfnoctewoohi, Cyclone has proficiency in controlling the force of darkness. His reservoir of darkness is considerably large, and he can conjure dark tendrils and other constructs.

Cyclone is an excellent mechanic and engineer. The weapons and technology he has engineered are almost ground-breaking.


The possessions of Cyclone are numerous. He owns an army of robots, the ship the Paquav, his armor, and various trophies. His armor is blended with various different metals to create a semi-light, extremely durable material. It is of his own design.


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