We are one and all.
We are the parasite of all.
We are the infection that cannot be stemmed.
We are the legion.
We are unending.
We are the Baune.

Baune Motto

Baune are a microscopic and parasitic ‘race.’ Instead of being made up of strictly autonomous individuals, Baune exist as a hive-mind collective. As a mass, they are able to infect and control other beings. They generally appear as one coherent entity. Individuality for the Baune is just an illusion, a construction of the hive-mind sometimes referred to as the ‘Paternak,’ Tyra Tarkush for hive-mind.

The planet of Baune is one the few original planets of the Empire that has a large nonnative population. The Baune act as the governing body and use bodies of criminals and transgressors as hosts, along with their custom built vessels. Sangrae La is the ‘capital’ of Baune, and refers to the urban areas of the planet that span the majority of the planet’s surface.