Xerjaon is the currency of the Empire. It is a unique substance that can easily transmute into other substances. It is highly sought after for creation and building. The Empire has perfected a technique to ‘seal’ its state, preventing duplication and making it not deteriorate over time. Unsealed Xerjaon is illegal as it is a […]


Xeltzora is considered the ‘Ultimate Warrior.’ He was the first generation Human that led a large rebellion/conquest against the fledgling federation/proto-Empire. He was obliterated along with the rest of the first generation of Humans.


They are the physical manifestations of the pain of the living, or a concrete idea. They feel nothing and barely hold sentience. There have been occurrences of people turning into wraiths and retaining their sanity. They tear souls from bodies and devour the flesh. They are nearly impossible to kill. Wraith Types Drowned Slow and […]

Trinity and the One

The Trinity and the One are a group of ‘divine’ heroes. Their duty is to defend Buhukiea from any threats it may face and to uphold the principles of Catasore. They are the Trinity come again and more. Current Members: Cyclone King Fla’neiel Spellbinder Farrco


The Trinity was a group of holy warriors. They were: Alexai, a Jalon with blue armor and a large sword Qua’wva, an Eisatanlon with a short-sword who wore red Eyierak, a yellow robed Magaya mage. They perished in the Diamondae Machine. The Trinity and the One are their new incarnation.