The Angelic home world is referred to as Eden. Eden is broken off into four different sections, one for each of the different sects of Angels. These sects are: Light, Dark, Halo, and Fallen.

Except for the Fallen sect, all Angels have a common build. They are covered with small feathers and underneath these feathers are scales. Wings sprout from their backs, covered in large feathers that obscure its leathery texture. Their eyes have striped pupils. Typically, medium-length blade curves out from their feathery elbows. They have only four clawed fingers. Their feet are dexterous and resemble talons.

There are few, but major differences between the sects of Angels. Light Angels have white feathers and are skilled in a specialized type of light. Dark Angels have onyx feathers and are proficient in a unique form of darkness. The feathers of the Halo Angels are taupe colored, sometimes mistaken for the feathers of the Light Angels. The unique art of the Halo Angels is their expertise with a material that they used to make famously sharp rings that they use in battle, hence the name ‘Halo Angels.’ Fallen Angels are the most disparate from the rest. Fallen Angels only come into existence after having been exiled from one of the other sects by the Archangel of the sect, who holds special powers that come with the title of Archangel. When an Angel becomes Fallen, they lose their feathers and native ability, but they grow in size.